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BomBom - Gochujang

BomBom - Gochujang

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BomBom Market’s gochujang sauce is a sweet and spicy thick sauce that is one of Korea’s most loved ingredients. This vibrant red pepper paste is warm and spicy, with umami depth from the fermented soybean base and a sweet note of plum syrup. BomBom Market’s pre-seasoned gochujang can be used straight from the jar for spicy, savoury flavours in seconds. 

Gochujang sauce is the foundation for a traditional Korean bibimbap, but it is also a wonderfully versatile ingredient for marinades, stews and dipping. Smother this sauce on a slow-cooked pulled pork joint - let the flavours infuse to complement the richness of the meat and then top with more sauce in a soft brioche roll

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